This is your life. Rethink drinking your own way.

Clinically proven tools to help you explore your relationship with alcohol, developed by experts and folks who’ve been there.

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What is Tempest?

Tempest is clinically proven to help you quit or curb your drinking. Through expert-led lessons, a welcoming community, and supportive coaches, you’ll get the tools you need to build a life you love.

“Am I an Alcoholic?” is the wrong question.

You don’t need a label to evaluate your relationship with alcohol.

All it takes is an honest look at how alcohol is showing up in your life. In this 5-minute quiz, we’ll help you identify how alcohol is impacting your life and find your “Sobriety Style.”

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A holistic approach, backed by science.

According to a 2018 study done in partnership with Buffalo and Syracuse Universities, Tempest members made significant improvements in problematic drinking and overall quality of life

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reduction in alcohol cravings

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reduction in drinking days each month

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fewer drinks on a typical drinking day

Get a recovery plan as unique as you are.

Whatever brought you here, you’re in the right place. Learn how Tempest Membership can help you build an alcohol-free life you love.

Rethink your drinking on your own terms

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Billed monthly. $708/year.
  • 35+ group calls every week
  • Tempest Foundations course
  • A full library of expert-led courses
  • Weekly live events and workshops
  • Daily affirmations in your inbox
  • 24/7 online community

Membership Includes

Support Calls

35+ calls held every week, where you can process your experiences with others.

Tempest Foundations

A four-week intensive course to build a strong start for sobriety

Daily Affirmations

Reframe old thoughts and patterns with daily inspiration delivered to your inbox.

Live Events

Live workshops, Q&As, and community events held every week.

Expert-led Courses

Learn the best tips and tools for healthy living from subject matter experts.

24/7 Online Community

Connect with new people, share your story, and support others anytime, anywhere.

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