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Olivia Pennelle

Woman in bed staring at an open window and wondering why she blacked out

Why Do I Blackout After Drinking Alcohol?

Blackout drinking is a scary and often unintended consequence of heavy or binge drinking. If blackout drinking, which is another […]

Will My Personality Change if I Quit Drinking?

Quitting drinking can be a daunting prospect if you have a love/hate relationship with booze. We live in a culture […]

How to Not Drink During Times of Crisis

Most people will face at least one crisis during their sobriety journey. Because that’s life. Whether politically and socially or […]

Two brown skinned women smiling and holding books

Resources to Help Explore Your Relationship with Alcohol

Recovery is akin to overcoming a series of hurdles, the first one of which is getting sober. Of course, it’s […]

How Getting Sober Makes You More Resilient

Some may argue that achieving recovery is in and of itself an act of resilience. It is by no means easy […]

A woman holding money and counting it

How Does Alcohol Affect My Relationship with Money?

It may not be a surprise that the effects of alcohol stretch beyond mental health—alcohol can also impact relationships, your physical […]

Asian woman sitting outside and thinking about quitting alcohol

How to Know If You’re Ready to Quit Drinking

If you’re thinking about quitting drinking, wondering where to start, or simply questioning your relationship with alcohol, this article is […]

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