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Managing Holiday Parties as a Sober Introvert

Parties have always been challenging for me, even as a young child. Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of […]

Image of a person holding a cup of coffee and reading a book while trying to stay sober

How to Forgive Yourself If You Slip Up This Holiday Season

Deciding to quit drinking is a big decision—one that can feel a bit daunting. You might have been on the […]

A couple having a difficult conversation after one of them has quit drinking

10 Questions You’ll Get Asked This Holiday Season if You Quit Drinking

Quitting drinking is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself—it’s not only beneficial to your body, but […]

Image of a sober holiday party that is alcohol-free

How to Say ‘No’ to a Holiday Cocktail

This is likely the first holiday season since the pandemic that most of us will be gathering in person, which […]

A family gathered around a Thanksgiving table and not drinking alcohol

17 Tips for Not Drinking During Thanksgiving

The holiday season has arrived, and just like every other year, this one likely brings with it a mix of […]

An older man and woman sitting on a bench by the ocean

10 Ways to Be the Best Ally to Someone Who’s Trying to Quit Drinking

I’ve seen and believe that connection is the opposite of addiction. (Research by Johann Hari and the Rat Park experiment […]

A table set set for a family Christmas with a decorative tree nearby

9 Strategies for Dealing with Family During the Holidays

Family can be great. Family can also be difficult. More often than not, they’re both, and during the holidays, all […]

A person sitting on the floor and looking like their mental health is suffering

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Mental Health?

The drunkest I’ve ever been, I was in my twenties. I stood in a graffiti-covered bar bathroom stall one moment […]

A sober woman dressed as a witch during Halloween

How to Get Through Halloween Without Drinking

I watch scary movies, read horror novels, and frequently wear t-shirts with monsters on them, so I guess you could […]

A group of friends walking outside on a boardwalk during fall

15 Alcohol-Free Friend Dates for a Fall of Social Distancing

Well, it’s officially fall, and many of us likely had a list of fantastic fall experiences lined up, but it […]

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