What Makes Tempest Different from Other Alcohol Treatment Programs?

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Tempest is an online alcohol treatment program that helps people change their relationship with alcohol through a combination of education, peer support, and expert guidance. We’re helping to remove the stigma and barriers to treatment around quitting drinking and testing out sobriety because we believe that living alcohol-free is a healthy choice that everyone has the right to explore. 

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You might be wondering how Tempest differs from other recovery programs that are available online, so today we’ll be focusing on answering this question. We’ll be going into more detail further along in this article, but here is a quick overview of the key reasons:

  1. We’re inclusive. We don’t believe in assigning mandatory labels and we’re open to everyone, regardless of their recovery goals. We recommend you read our manifesto for more info on our philosophy and approach.
  2. We’re effective. In a study done in partnership with the University of Buffalo and Syracuse University, Tempest members reported a 50% reduction in alcohol use disorder (problematic drinking) and a 25% reduction in the severity of anxiety and depression symptoms. Check out our outcomes report for more info!
  3. We’re holistic and personalized. When we help you change your relationship with alcohol, we address all parts of you: your inner emotional framework, your physical self, your relationships with others, and the environment you live and work in. By mapping out a complete picture of your life, we can better understand the root causes of your alcohol use, and by doing so, we can work together to create a personalized plan to address these issues. 

Q: Who is Tempest for? 

A: Tempest is for anyone who wants to stop drinking, stay sober, or take a closer look at their relationship with alcohol. We have members of all different ages and backgrounds who join Tempest with different goals in mind. And while we’re based in the US, folks all over the world are able to use our program.

Q: Can I use Tempest with other treatment programs?

A: Yes!

Tempest can be used on its own, or as a supplement to other recovery programs. We encourage you to use the resources that are available to you, like community support meetings and 12-step programs—whatever helps you get sober is a good thing.

Please note: Tempest is not a detox program. If you are in acute addiction or experiencing symptoms of alcohol withdrawal you should seek medical attention immediately.

Q: I’m already sober, can I join this program?

A: Yes! 

Tempest Membership is a great way to strengthen your existing sobriety and connect with other people in recovery.

Q: I also do AA. Can I join this program?

A: Yes!

Tempest can be used on its own, or as a supplement to other recovery programs like AA. We encourage you to use all of the resources that are available to you, including community support meetings and 12-step programs—whatever helps you get sober is a good thing.

Q: What makes Tempest different from other online alcohol treatment programs? 

A: Tempest differs from other alcohol treatment programs in a few key ways:

  • We are a holistic program. We believe that recovery isn’t just quitting alcohol—there are a myriad of factors within your mental state, your body, your relationships, and your environment that all need to be considered and worked through. This core belief informs everything in our program, from our educational content to our community guidelines. 
  • We use a trauma-informed approach to recovery, encouraging people to be kind to themselves, empowering them to trust themselves, having clear boundaries within our community guidelines, and not engaging in practices that can be re-traumatizing or harmful.
  • We are label-optional, so identifying as an alcoholic or addict is not a requirement for joining. Here at Tempest we have a saying that goes, “The only label you need is your name.”
  • We use a biopsychosocial recovery model instead of relying solely on the disease model of addiction. Our approach takes into account biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors in an individual’s life. Who you are and what you have experienced have impacted your alcohol use, and it certainly impacts the way you quit drinking.
  • We’re continuously measuring the efficacy of our program. Outcomes collected so far in partnership with University of Syracuse and Buffalo researchers have shown that after using Tempest, members reported a decrease in the symptoms of alcohol use disorder (AUD) as well as the severity of the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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We hope we were able to give you some helpful answers today. If you have more questions, be sure to visit our FAQ page or drop us a line at

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