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A Black woman with her eyes closed, head tilted toward the sun

How to Practice Self-Care While Supporting a Loved One in Recovery

Anyone supporting a loved one who is living with addiction knows the process of recovery requires patience, willpower, and a […]

A woman laying on a bed and feeling hungover due to alcohol use disorder.

Why “Am I an Alcoholic?” Is the Wrong Question

You’re most likely here because you’ve googled “Am I an Alcoholic” or you’re worried that you might have a drinking […]

A woman sitting in front of a laptop and what looks like a planner

‘Should I Quit Drinking?’ What it Means to Question Your Relationship with Alcohol

This whole idea that we need to hit “rock bottom” in order to change our relationship with alcohol is a […]

Sad older woman sitting on a couch and thinking about her alcohol use

What is Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a pattern of problematic drinking that runs on a spectrum of mild, moderate, to severe […]

How Can a Sober Community Help Me Quit Drinking?

While there are endless ways to get sober, there seems to be one key component that connects all methods of […]

An Inclusive Guide and Glossary for Talking About Addiction and Recovery

Over the years, the recovery space has morphed and changed in myriad ways. In our research of the last 200 […]

Black and white period photo of three women standing together, smiling

A Brief History of Women in Alcohol Recovery: A Look at the Last 200+ Years

*We understand that not everyone who was assigned “female” at birth identifies as a woman and that not all women […]

A woman with red hair looking anxious and drinking.

Why Drinking Makes Your Anxiety Worse

Anxiety is something we all have some experience with. It can range from minor irritation to a full-on panic attack, […]

White woman with straight dark hair in a red striped shirt sitting at a table and looking at her phone

Dealing with Regret in Sobriety

Regret, in some form, is a part of the human experience. We make mistakes, we maybe feel bad about them […]

A woman in a pink jacket and khakis standing on a rock formation with winter foliage in the background

My Pandemic Drinking Was Problematic: Here’s How I Stopped

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, I responded to the news of a deadly virus approaching the US the same […]

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