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Common Mistakes We Make When Trying to Quit Drinking

Recovery from alcohol use disorder is a beautiful—and sometimes arduous—process of discovery. So long as you’re committed to the journey, […]

A woman laying in bed sleeping after drinking too much

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that a nightcap before bed will lull us to a night […]

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Celebrate Mardi Gras Without Alcohol

New Orleans is a beautiful, wonderful city. For those of us who frequent the city, live(d) in the city, or love […]

5 Ways to Prep for Going Alcohol-Free

Drinking is typically a big part of our lives. It’s an ingrained part of our culture. In everything from celebration […]

Resilience in Sobriety: How Quitting Alcohol Makes You Better at Overcoming Difficulty

Some may argue that achieving recovery is in and of itself an act of resilience. Choosing to quit drinking and working […]

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The Importance of Routine in Early Recovery

Every day, I have a routine. I wake up, start a pot of coffee, and check my calendar to see […]

Young Black woman feeling happy after some evening self-care

Healthy Habits and Self-Care Rituals for Addiction Recovery

Building new habits are important in all stages of recovery from alcohol use disorder. In early sobriety, these healthy habits—formed through intentionality—can […]

How to Have an Alcohol-Free Valentine’s Day

Sobriety is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. Booze-free living provides the mental clarity to embrace and hold […]

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Is it Safe to Quit Alcohol Cold Turkey?

Before I was ready to admit I had a toxic relationship with alcohol and by extension with myself, I wanted […]

7 Tips for an Alcohol-Free Super Bowl

I remember one of my last Super Bowls before I got sober as a really good time but unfortunately, it […]

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