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A person sitting on the floor and looking like their mental health is suffering

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Mental Health?

The drunkest I’ve ever been, I was in my twenties. I stood in a graffiti-covered bar bathroom stall one moment […]

A pale-skinned young woman with blonde hair in a ponytail, listening to headphones and holding a water bottle

8 Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety Without Alcohol

It wasn’t until I was about 10 years sober that I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, […]

Four brown-skinned women with curly brown hair standing around each other looking at a cell phone

Why Alcohol Isn’t the Cure For Your Social Anxiety

One of alcohol’s many names is “liquid courage,” which won’t come as a surprise to anybody who relies on it […]

Light skinned woman with long dark hair laying in her bed looking sad

What is Hangxiety?

It’s happened to me before: Sweaty palms, racing thoughts, heart pounding out of my chest, fluttery stomach. A night of […]

A Black woman in an orange sweater sitting on the floor with anxiety

How Does Alcohol Affect Anxiety?

Anxiety produces uncomfortable mental and physical symptoms—a racing mind, future-tripping, sometimes catastrophic thoughts, a racing heart, palpitations, sweating, weakness. It’s no […]

A woman with red hair looking anxious and drinking.

Why Drinking Makes Your Anxiety Worse

Anxiety is something we all have some experience with. It can range from minor irritation to a full-on panic attack, […]

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