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A gold Star of David hanging from a tree branch

How I Learned to Make Judaism and My Sobriety Work

I got sober in 2017, at the age of 21. The year before, I moved to Israel and decided to […]

A Black woman wearing pink and a cardigan smiling in joy

10 Ways to Find Joy While Trying to Quit Drinking

After my last drink, happiness felt so far away from me. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever “catch my bliss,” […]

A sober woman dressed as a witch during Halloween

How to Get Through Halloween Without Drinking

I watch scary movies, read horror novels, and frequently wear t-shirts with monsters on them, so I guess you could […]

A group of friends walking outside on a boardwalk during fall

15 Alcohol-Free Friend Dates for a Fall of Social Distancing

Well, it’s officially fall, and many of us likely had a list of fantastic fall experiences lined up, but it […]

A fair-skinned woman with dark hair and sunglasses sitting in a chair on the beach reading

How I Replaced Drinking with Reading

On the morning of New Year’s Day in 2019, I sat alone by a swimming pool in South Florida. My […]

A person sitting with a cup of tea and enjoying a book in the evening

How to Create a Calming Nighttime Ritual in Early Sobriety

Creating a nighttime ritual is important in early sobriety.  Closing out the day with a calming, reliable routine can guide […]

A plus-size woman sitting on the couch and reading a book

8 Simple Steps to Create a Healthy Daily Routine in Recovery

We’ve all heard about the benefits of a morning routine. You might have heard about the benefits of an evening routine […]

A mug of tea in the morning light sitting on top of books

How to Create a Peaceful Morning Ritual in Early Sobriety

Building a morning routine is important when you’re trying to quit drinking.  When you soften how you start the day […]

Young Black woman feeling happy after some evening self-care

How to Build Healthy Habits and Self-Care Rituals for Addiction Recovery

Building new habits are important in all stages of recovery from alcohol use disorder.  Many of us drink as a means […]

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