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5 Ways to Prep for Going Alcohol-Free

Drinking is typically a big part of our lives. It’s an ingrained part of our culture. In everything from celebration […]

Resilience in Sobriety: How Quitting Alcohol Makes You Better at Overcoming Difficulty

Some may argue that achieving recovery is in and of itself an act of resilience. Choosing to quit drinking and working […]

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Is it Safe to Quit Alcohol Cold Turkey?

Before I was ready to admit I had a toxic relationship with alcohol and by extension with myself, I wanted […]

How to Date Without Alcohol

When it comes to dating and falling in love, many of us learn how to do it and what to […]

9 Ways You’ll Get Your Spark Back After You Stop Drinking

Before I decided to stop drinking, I spent so much money and headspace trying to find my zest, my spark, […]

Should You Quit Smoking and Drinking at the Same Time?

Lately, I’ve been watching old black and white films. Many scenes in these old movies feature characters drinking and smoking […]

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking

If you’re about to embark on the journey of going alcohol-free, you want to know exactly what it could feel […]

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What is Gray Area Drinking? 5 Signs You May Have It

Before I quit drinking for good in 2014, I would stop drinking and then start again. This went on for […]

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How to Know if You Have a Drinking Problem

There is this common misconception that you need to be a “fall-down drunk” in order to qualify as someone who […]

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Does Life Get Better After You Quit Alcohol?

When you take an honest examination of how alcohol shows up in your life, it can be revealing. Sometimes it’s […]

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