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Frost during January brings new experiences and the opportunity to quit alcohol

The Benefits of Dry January, According to Science

It’s the first month of a new year, which means we’re deep into the trend of Dry January, when people […]

A person walking down the street in a red coat in 2022

How to Quit Drinking in 2022

Change is inevitable, but growth is optional. As time goes on, we’re ultimately responsible for determining what we make out […]

A woman in an orange sweater on her computer getting sober online

How to Quit Drinking Online

At one point in time, the commonly accepted ideology surrounding alcohol use was that a person only needed to quit […]

Rehab Alternatives: How to Quit Drinking Without Going to Rehab

Over the past decade or so, there’s been a quiet yet palpable shift occurring in the world of recovery. For […]

How to Use Dry January to Rethink Your Relationship with Alcohol

Let’s get right down to it—last year was rough. This year was also rough. And as the global pandemic continues into 2022, we’re all […]

What rock bottom looks like from the point of view of trees

Do I Need to Hit “Rock Bottom” Before Quitting Alcohol?

Is rock bottom a prerequisite to sobriety? To be frank, hell no. The term “rock bottom” refers to the belief […]

Black woman with curly hair sitting at the computer to join Tempest Membership

FAQ: Can I Join Tempest if I am Still Drinking?

When we begin questioning our relationship with alcohol, it’s likely we don’t have a clear idea of what the future […]

A group of sober friends having fun at a holiday party

How to Get and Stay Sober Throughout the Holidays

I love the holiday season. From early September, when I am ready to celebrate Halloween without drinking, to New Year’s […]

5 Benefits of an Alcohol Break, Backed by Science

We’ve all needed a break from time to time. Breaks from work, the daily grind, and even our kids are […]

Woman laying her head down on a table and staring at a coffee cup

How to Manage Alcohol Cravings While Quitting Drinking

If you’re questioning your relationship with alcohol, it’s likely that the idea of quitting has come up. You might have […]

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