Every part of you matters when you’re quitting drinking.

Your Thoughts
Your Body
Your Environment
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That’s why our holistic approach to recovery considers all aspects of your identity, background, and experience.


There are reasons why you drink. Let’s start there.

By combining relatable, personal stories with the most recent scientific findings in addiction recovery, Tempest helps you get to the root causes of your alcohol use and break the cycle of problematic drinking.

Mindfulness-Based Practices

A combination of practices, including meditation, breathwork, and movement.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Using habits and rituals help change limiting thinking patterns and behaviors.

Positive Psychology

Identifying and developing positive emotions, experiences, and character traits.

Our digital program is clinically proven to help you stop drinking.

Tempest members reported:

53% reduction in cravings.

50% fewer drinking days each month.

66% fewer drinks on a typical drinking day.

*Data from a 2018 study done in partnership with Buffalo and Syracuse Universities.

You have a future without alcohol.

Explore your future with Tempest.

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