I built Tempest because it was the approach I needed when confronting my own dysfunctional relationship with alcohol.

Holly Whitaker,
Tempest’s Founder

By late 2012, I had been drinking problematically for years but delayed doing anything about it because I wasn’t sure if I fit the definition of an alcoholic and because I just didn’t want to be an alcoholic.

So I kept trying to drink “normally” until finally, my drinking was so bad I had no choice but to do something about it. My moment of clarity came when I realized alcohol was getting in the way of everything I wanted out of life.

But I couldn’t find the holistic, integrated approach to recovery I was looking for. So, I put together a number of different modalities, and carved out a system of recovery that was aspirational, exciting, effective, personalized, and didn’t assign me a lifetime label.

That program I made for myself laid the foundation of what is now Tempest—an evidence-based, personalized, digital recovery program that’s open to anyone, regardless of how they identify or where they are on the spectrum of alcohol use disorder. You can read more about my approach and how I developed this empowering system of recovery in my book, Quit Like a Woman.

Whatever brought you here today, I want to remind you how much courage it takes to begin this path of self-discovery, awareness, and healing. You are part of a lineage of so many brave people that dared to question and dared to change. We can’t wait to begin this journey together.

With hope,

Holly Whitaker,
Tempest’s Founder

Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice Not to Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol

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