Start your journey with our in-depth Foundations course.

After enrolling in membership, we recommend starting with Tempest Foundations (though you can begin anytime). This clinically-proven course combines evidence-based treatment methods, peer support, and expert guidance to help you build a strong start for sobriety.

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Series 1

Guiding Framework and Practices

In this first series, you’ll create a personalized and achievable plan of action using our holistic Recovery Map framework.

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Series 2

Physiology of Alcohol and the Brain

Gain a new perspective on why you drink by learning the latest scientific findings on how alcohol affects your brain.

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Series 3

Willpower, Routine, and Ritual

Access your brain’s power to build new, more supportive habits and daily rituals that foster peace of mind and resilience.

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Series 4

Navigating Relationships in Recovery

Create healthy and nurturing relationships by establishing clear boundaries and a positive self-identity.

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Foundations FAQs

How long does Foundations take?

Most people take four weeks to complete the Foundations course, but how long you take is completely up to you!

When does the Foundations course start?

There are no set start or end dates for foundations. You can start the course as soon as you enroll in membership, and you can take it as many times as you like.


Does Foundations cost extra?

No, the Foundations course is included in the price of membership.

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