Does Life Get Better After You Quit Alcohol?

Jacqui Hathaway Levin


woman standing in a field holding up a bunch of balloons

Does Life Get Better After You Quit Alcohol?

When you take an honest examination of how alcohol shows up in your life, it can be revealing. Sometimes it’s […]

Binge Drinking: What’s Normal and What’s Problematic

Spotting the difference between a few wild nights of heavy drinking and a deeper, more serious issue with alcohol consumption […]

A Black woman wearing pink and a cardigan smiling in joy

10 Ways to Find Joy While Trying to Quit Drinking

After my last drink, happiness felt so far away from me. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever “catch my bliss,” […]

5 Ways to Untangle Shame Around Difficult Emotions in Early Sobriety

In early sobriety, letting regular emotions exist in the body can feel impossible. But over time, we learn how to process […]

A Black woman sitting at a desk and talking with coworkers

How to Tell Your Workplace That You Have Quit Drinking

Eventually, many people who quit drinking decide to be honest about their sobriety with friends, family, and coworkers.  When I […]

A person sitting with a cup of tea and enjoying a book in the evening

How to Create a Calming Nighttime Ritual in Early Sobriety

Creating a nighttime ritual is important in early sobriety.  Closing out the day with a calming, reliable routine can guide […]

A mug of tea in the morning light sitting on top of books

How to Create a Peaceful Morning Ritual in Early Sobriety

Building a morning routine is important when you’re trying to quit drinking.  When you soften how you start the day […]

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