FAQ: Can I Join Tempest if I am Still Drinking?

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When we begin questioning our relationship with alcohol, it’s likely we don’t have a clear idea of what the future looks like. In fact, many of us, including folks who work here at Tempest, were still drinking when we started exploring our recovery options. So if you’re drinking right now, this is totally ok! You don’t need to have everything figured out—the important thing is that you’ve begun the very important process of examining how alcohol is showing up in your life. 

That’s why in this installment of our FAQ series, we’re focusing on common questions we’ve been asked about drinking, abstinence, and what you need to do in order to join Tempest Membership

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Q: Can I join Tempest Membership if I’m still drinking?

A: Yes!

Tempest is designed for the whole spectrum—those still drinking, those who are starting to go through periods of abstinence, those who are far along in their recovery. This program is not designed to just help you quit drinking, it’s designed to address the things that caused you to drink in the first place, and to help you create a life that is purpose-driven, meaningful, joyful, and empowering.

The bottom line is that you and only you can really know when it is time to start attempting to remove alcohol from your life. You’re here today, and that means you understand that you need to change something. Even better, you are actively doing something about it. 

So if you’d like to sign up for Tempest and you’re still drinking, that’s ok. You won’t be the only one. As you go through the program, you will know when it’s time to start removing alcohol and testing out sobriety.

Please note: if you are in acute addiction, or experiencing symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal you should seek medical attention immediately.

Q: Is Tempest abstinence-based?

A:  Tempest takes an abstinence-based approach to recovery, as our course materials are about working towards living alcohol-free. However, we don’t shame people if they drink (it is part of the process for many!), and we celebrate small periods of abstinence and personal milestones. 

However, we understand that not everyone is ready to completely quit forever when they come into our program. Some folks are still drinking as they go through our program, some are working on moderating their drinking, and others are working on staying sober entirely. It’s different for everyone, and often people’s goals evolve over time. 

We acknowledge that counting days sober may be helpful for some, but it’s not a requirement for membership. We work with our members while they remove alcohol from their lives—at their own pace. 

Q: Is this program 12-step based?

A: No.

Tempest may be used along with 12-step programs, but we are not a 12-step based program. To learn more about our method, see the section, How it Works.

Q: I’m not sure if I want to quit drinking forever. Can I still join Tempest? 

A: Yes!

We welcome folks regardless of where they are on their journey: sober curious, still drinking, or moderating. So if you’re not sure you’re ready to quit drinking altogether, welcome to the club! That’s where most of our folks are when they join us. Tempest can help you figure out whether or not sobriety is the right path for you. 

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We hope we were able to give you some helpful answers today. If you have more questions, be sure to visit our FAQ page or drop us a line at

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