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Woman laying her head down on a table and staring at a coffee cup

How to Manage Alcohol Cravings While Quitting Drinking

If you’re questioning your relationship with alcohol, it’s likely that the idea of quitting has come up. You might have […]

Woman in bed staring at an open window and wondering why she blacked out

Why Do I Blackout After Drinking Alcohol?

Blackout drinking is a scary and often unintended consequence of heavy or binge drinking. If blackout drinking, which is another […]

Image of a person holding a cup of coffee and reading a book while trying to stay sober

How to Forgive Yourself If You Slip Up This Holiday Season

Deciding to quit drinking is a big decision—one that can feel a bit daunting. You might have been on the […]

Sad Asian woman sitting at a window and wondering if she's drinking too much

6 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Alcohol

It’s not easy making the first move toward evaluating your drinking patterns, especially if you don’t feel comfortable talking about […]

An older man and woman sitting on a bench by the ocean

10 Ways to Be the Best Ally to Someone Who’s Trying to Quit Drinking

I’ve seen and believe that connection is the opposite of addiction. (Research by Johann Hari and the Rat Park experiment […]

A person sitting on the floor and looking like their mental health is suffering

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Mental Health?

The drunkest I’ve ever been, I was in my twenties. I stood in a graffiti-covered bar bathroom stall one moment […]

How Tempest is Closing the Gap Between Excessive Drinking and Treatment

Why does it take so long to quit drinking? That is the question on the minds of everyone who deals […]

A woman sitting with her hands folded in a therapist's office

How to Find a Therapist Who Specializes in Cross Addiction

If you’ve experienced alcohol or substance use disorder, there’s a possibility it has shown up in your life in more […]

Two people in a relationship laying in bed struggling with alcohol

How Does Alcohol Affect My Relationships?

It’s no secret that alcohol affects our mood and personality. Someone can go from anxious to relaxed or shy to […]

A Black woman in an orange sweater sitting on the floor with anxiety

How Does Alcohol Affect Anxiety?

Anxiety produces uncomfortable mental and physical symptoms—a racing mind, future-tripping, sometimes catastrophic thoughts, a racing heart, palpitations, sweating, weakness. It’s no […]

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